Best Side Sleeper Pillows To Give You A Comfort Sleep

Best Side Sleeper PillowsPillows play an important role in your health issues and sleep pattern and the bed comfort. You may have never thought about it before and have never studied the matter form depth. But, yet the same fact holds true that you are affected in various ways by the shape and structure of your pillow, and this can be dealt with a little awareness from your side about the side sleeping positions and pillows.

The side sleeping pattern

Side sleeping is a much common pattern of sleep for most individuals. It is said that a person moves several times in sleep, and however deep and sound the sleep may be, you are bound to move at least 40 times in the sleep, thus making your chances of sleeping on your side maximum however flat on the back sleeper you may be.

How you are affected

The problem starts when after the night’s sleep you feel groggy, do not feel fresh like you should feel after a 6-8 hours sleep. Often on searching deep, the reasons come out to be the uncomfortable position brought on by the uncomfortable pillow. And why the pillows are uncomfortable is answered by the shape and age of the pillows. Often with continued use, pillows lose their natural shape, and also lose the function which they need to play. Pillows are not just to cushion the head, but rather to give the much needed support to the head and shoulder while you are asleep.

Therefore it’s important that you do a good research on the pillows before you blame it on other stuff for the discomfort you feel in sleep or after you wake up. A de-shaped pillow may give you a stiff neck, and other health problems like obesity and gastrointestinal problems. Hence if you are a frequent side sleeper, which obviously you will be, then it’s good to get the best pillow for side sleepers.

Features of the best side sleeper pillow

The best pillow for side sleepers would have most of these features:

  • A proper contoured design, or the right bouncy design to support your shoulder and neck, and specially the position between your shoulder and ears which is concave unlike the convex head.
  • The right material which won’t get heated up much from your body heat as you sleep for 6-10 hours
  • The elasticity to regain its shape after you sleep on it for repeated nights.
  • Odorless material to give you a peaceful sleep.

If you see that you are getting all of these from the pillow you are currently using, then there is no need to be worried at all; your pillow is just the right pal for you at night. However, if the pillow you are using is almost 2 years old, and lost it’s shape and contour, and the material inside is jiggling from one side to another while giving you unpleasant powdery leftovers or odor etc, then it’s time that you change your pillow, and get a good side sleeper pillow. Night’s sleep is really vital to give you a good day ahead and a bright future ahead, and hence you should never ever compromise on this just because you don’t have the right pillow to rest your head comfortably and scientifically.

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